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Nova SCP is one of Virginia’s best shotcrete builders, providing high-quality services to both residential and industrial clients. We have a group of highly qualified nozzlemen who are accredited by the American Shotcrete Association in addition to our talented and seasoned team of managers, engineers, and estimators (ASA). Our shotcrete services are a cost-effective alternative to conventional cast-in-place concrete, and Nova SCP is proud to have contributed to the development of a wide range of shotcrete applications.

The Leading Shotcrete Company in Virginia

It’s critical to employ shotcrete contractors who know how to do the job right to ensure the integrity of your project, and we’re proud to say that our crews are among the most experienced in the industry. Furthermore, since shotcrete is pneumatically applied and practically removes the forming phase, it saves both time and money on your project.

For retaining walls, shear walls, architectural walls, slope pavement, and soil nailing, Nova SCP’s shotcrete services are perfect. Furthermore, the shotcrete process facilitates access to difficult-to-reach locations, such as overhead and underground, as well as the formation of complex shapes. We’ve also established ourselves as industry leaders in the evolving field of sculpted shotcrete, which employs shotcrete to produce aesthetically pleasing, structurally sound walls.

Our team of dedicated workers, including those in our shotcrete division, is one of the most important factors in Nova SCP’s growth. We can be a single source for our customers, providing concrete solutions ranging from specialist design/build services to quality shotcrete pumping, rebar fabrication and construction, and formwork in addition to our shotcrete, thanks to our comprehensive resources.