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Difference between Shotcrete & Gunite

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When concrete ponds are referred to as “gunite” pools, what exactly is shotcrete? Is there a difference between gunite, shotcrete, and concrete? Don’t worry… everything will be revealed. (Don’t you think that sounds ominous? I like it.)

  • Concrete is a mixture of water, cement, sand, and a coarse aggregate, which is normally stone or gravel, for a quick refresher.
  • The initial mixture consists of cement, sand, and aggregate. The manner in which the constructor incorporates the water defines how we refer to it.
  • Shotcrete, in technical terms, refers to either wet- or dry-mix concrete that is shot out of a hose, hence the name.

In the pool world, on the other hand, we take matters into our own hands. In this scenario, it’s more about the terminology. Shotcrete is wet mix concrete for our purposes. When the big ol’ cement truck arrives in your backyard, the whole cement-sand-aggregate mix is already mixed with water.

Gunite is a form of dry-mix concrete that is applied without the use of water before the contractor applies it.

Concrete Pumping Services in Virginia

For a concrete pool, what is the difference between gunite and shotcrete?

Shotcrete or gunite may be used to build concrete shells. When the concrete is mixed with water, the difference becomes apparent. Shotcrete is wet concrete that has already been thoroughly mixed before being sprayed from a hose. Gunite is a dry concrete mix that only blends with water when sprayed at the nozzle.

Advantages of Using Shotcrete

  • In the same pool, creating both curving walls and straight surfaces.
  • Any textured finish, such as smooth troweling or mimicking exposed rock, can be applied.
  • Meeting tight tolerances for infinity edges; and completing projects faster without sacrificing project sustainability.
Author: Concrete Expert
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